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Natural Waterproof Mascara Black for Eyelash Growth

Advanced lash high definition natural waterproof mascara. Long lasting, voluminous, water resistant and lengthening mascara.
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  • GROWTH BOOSTER TO THE LASH AND EYEBROW - Herbiar mascaras, upon regular use enhances the growth of lashes and provides a natural, thicker and more beautiful look the eyes.
  • CERTIFIED 24 HOURS STICK TO LASH PRODUCT - containing water proof qualities, the Herbiar long lasting mascara sticks to lashes for 24 hours straight without smudging or melting through the entire hot summers.
  • WAND ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR EASY APPLICATION - Mascara's wand is designed by giving a special focus to the application and making it more easy, quick and portable.
  • NATURAL DARKENER - contains volumizing properties, upon every stroke by naturally darkening the eye lashes, giving it a more dramatic look. Just according to your wishes.
  • High Pigmented and High Definition - Nourishing Active Ingredient Blend, Easy Application, Long Lasting and Water Resistant with no Artificial Harmful Additives

Product Description

Unleashing an advance waterproof mascara:

In the world of cosmetics, be the natural beauty with long and voluminous eyelashes. Thanks to water-resistant active ingredients in our product we give you glamourous, charming shadowy lashes.

Waterproof Mascara that you need to know:

Waterproof mascara is an eye makeup product that prevents ugliness tears, smudgy raccoon eyes and enhances the eyelashes by making them dark, increasing the volume along with keeping lashes perfectly curled and lifted.

Mascara an essential part of makeup:

The eyes are the gateway to your soul, the makeup lacks beauteousness without a good mascara. Because mascara transforms your eyes into

  • Thick, lustrous
  • Enhance and well define
  • long gorgeous in length
  • intensifies the eyelashes
  • mesmerizing dark eyelashes

The mascara also improves the growth of your eyelashes.

Why should Herbier advance high definition waterproof mascara be your first choice?

Gluing some mascara comes up with some allergic side effects, smudgy eyes, and ugly crying with many other reasoning. Advance high definition mascara formulated by blending the natural ingredients which are the suitable use for everyone.

We care for your skin and your eyelashes we build this formula by carefully extracted plants which are the best suited for your eyelashes with your skin. Daily wearing mascara can boost your natural growth and strengthen eyelashes.

Making your beautiful eyes is our key responsibility.

The ingredient of outstanding product:

An advance Waterproof mascara enriched with powerful peptides, white tea extracts, hyaluronic acid, natural growth enhancer multivitamins that makes it more resilient against sweat, tear and water. All this water-resistant formula is manufactured to survive sticky days, steamy nights that intensifies, strengthen and enhance your eyelashes.

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