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Waterproof Mascara for Eyelashes - Natural and Long Lasting

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  • High Pigmented and High Definition
  • Nourishing Active Ingredient Blend
  • Easy Application
  • Long Lasting and Water Resistant
  • No Artificial Harmful Additives
Pack Of:1
Sales Package:Box
Product Type:Advanced HD Mascara
Applied For:Long and thick eyelashes
Benefits & Uses:
  • Applied on eyelashes to make them naturally thick and long
  • Long-lasting and smudge-proof
  • Naturally darkens eyelashes
Safety Warning:
  • Do not eat
  • Patch test to see sensitivity of skin with the product
  • For external use only
  • Keep away from reach of children
  • Store in a cool and dry place

Product Description

Herbiar Advanced Lash High Definition Mascara is an eyebrow and eyelash enhancer that is made by blending together a large number of active ingredients together.
The Mascara has a blend of powerful peptides, white tea extracts, hyaluronic acid, growth booster multivitamins that work to boost and enhance the growth of your eyelashes and eyebrow hair, making them look fuller, thicker and more beautiful
The natural ingredient of the mascara make sure of two things:
1. when you apply it you get the full volume look that is characteristic of a mascara
2. The ingredients make sure that the natural growth of your eyelash and eyebrow hair is also increased.
So, it does not just give you the standard mascara look, it also gives you the long term benefits of long, thick and beautiful eyelashes.

The consistency of the product is such that one stroke of the brush would be enough to give you a good look, however, if you want to go for something more dramatic like for a night out, a couple of extra strokes will do the job for you

The water-resistant formula of the product helps to instantly curl and lift your eyelashes, making them look fuller and all-natural. The applicator brushes that are added in the product packaging helps you apply the product with ease and gives you the healthy look that you desire.

Natural and Volumizing Waterproof Mascara

The reason behind the increasing popularity of a 100% natural Volumizing Waterproof Mascara Black is that applying merely a mascara can sometimes be sufficient to complete your natural makeup look.
It is a desire for everyone, who has an interest in makeup, to have long and thick eyelashes which is why a mascara for eyelash growth is essential. So, Herbiar brings for you the best natural mascara for eyelash growth.
A high definition mascara is the most used eye makeup product to create your perfect natural makeup look. Wearing and carrying high quantities of makeup on a daily basis isn’t acceptable for everyone, so for people who like a natural makeup look, this is the best natural mascara. That is why most people prefer high definition natural mascara for eyelash growth and a perfect makeup look.
It makes their eyes stand out and creates the perfect makeup look with the 100% natural HD mascara.

Why is 100% Natural HD Mascara Best?

Gluing artificial eyelashes onto your eye for a more enhanced look was the practice of the past. Now people have moved to the best natural mascara for eyelash growth and enhancement.
Applying eyelash glue often leads to dangerous consequences such as eye allergies and eye irritation which is one of the main reasons why people are converting towards high definition mascara which is the best mascara for eyelash growth. It is a painless and safe way to achieve those perfectly full and long eyelashes.
The natural mascara is your easy way to achieve those long and beautiful eyelashes without much trouble.

The Best Natural Mascara for Eyelash Growth

The best thing about 100% Natural HD mascara is that it not only gives your eyelashes the characteristic look of mascara but also helps to improve the growth of eyelashes naturally and makes them longer upon regular use.
The mascara is the best mascara for eyelash growth and has such ingredients which will help boost the natural growth of your eyelashes. That way you will achieve longer eyelashes in a short amount of time with the best natural mascara for eyelash growth.

Herbiar's High Definition Mascara for Eyelash Growth

The 100% natural HD mascara should be the ultimate pick for creating your desired makeup look and nourishing your eyelashes along with it. Many mascaras available in the market are full of synthetic chemicals that can lift your eyelashes for some time but can do significant damage in return.
So, it is better to apply the best natural mascara for eyelash growth to achieve the perfect makeup while keeping your eyelashes safe from any damage.
During the production of Herbiar high definition mascara, it is made sure that the quality is maintained throughout the process.

Starting from the very beginning, which is a selection of raw materials, the quality levels are checked, maintained and monitored. Only the best quality natural and organic ingredients are added to the best natural high definition mascara.

The natural ingredients of the best natural mascara will help nourish your eyelashes deeply into the roots and make them healthy. That way your eyelashes would not break or fall out frequently that eyelashes usually do when they become weak. They keep them lifted and curled throughout the day and are not essay at all.

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