Vitamin C Collagen Serum Herbiar Vitamin C Collagen Serum Herbiar

Vitamin C Collagen Serum Herbiar

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  • A Super Formula to Brighten, Lighten and Illuminate Skin
  • Helps Skin to Repair itself and Diminish Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • High Pharmaceutical Grade Quality Ingredients
  • Compatible with all skin types, Especially Sensitive Skin
  • Guaranteed Healthier and Younger Looking Skin
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Sales Package:Box
Product Type:Vitamin C Collagen Serum
Applied For:Treating signs of aging
Benefits & Uses:
  • Improves natural collagen production to treat signs of aging
  • Increases natural skin elasticity
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Heals damaged skin cells
Safety Warning:
  • Should be applied with care to avoid any accidents
  • Do not apply in the eye
  • Do not apply to broken skin
  • If irritation occurs during application, remove immediately and consult a physician
  • For external use only
  • Keep away from reach of children
  • Store in a cool and dry place


Herbiar Vitamin C Collagen Serum is a multi-active formulation that helps to repair skin damage, boost the natural collagen production and rejuvenate skin cells. The product is a blend of natural active ingredients that have been combined with highly advanced scientific techniques that help the formulation to produce the most effective results in the shortest time duration.

The Collagen Serum helps to restore skins lost health, glow and beauty, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and also serves as a barrier to prevent more damage from happening to the skin from the harmful environmental conditions.

The skin is the outermost and most delicate organ of our body and it has to face extremely harsh environmental conditions all the time. That is why it gets affected quickly and needs to be treated regularly. Other than this, as time passes and skin ages, the collagen production cycle of the skin slows down. Due to this the replacement of damaged and dead cells is slow and causes the skin to look aged, dull and damaged. The Collagen Serum helps to repair the damaged cells and enhance the natural production of collagen protein due to which the damaged and dead cells are replaced by new healthy cells and new healthy skin cells are being produced. This reduces signs of damage and makes the skin fresh and healthy.

The serum is enriched with potent natural active ingredients that perform various functions such as hydrating the skin back to its normal fluid value. Moisturizing agents help to restore and lock the skin's moisture and make it soft and smooth. Anti-aging ingredients help to diminish all signs of aging such as wrinkles or fine lines that may be visible or not visible and makes the skin younger looking.

Collagen production enhancers help to make skin firmer and increase its elasticity. They treat all loose skin and give the skin a tight and firm look.
Other than healing the damage that has been done to the skin, the serum also serves as a barrier to prevent skin from any further damage that could be caused by the potentially harmful UV rays and other factors. The serum is enriched with ingredients that provide the skin with all the lost nutrients, they help restore the nutrient levels of the skin and aid in nourishing it back to its healthy state. Regular use of the serum gives you radiant, clearer and brighter skin that is balanced and evenly toned.


A serum is a skin care product that is supposed to be applied to the skin after it has been properly cleaned but before application of any moisturizing product. The purpose of the application is to deliver all the needed and beneficial ingredients from the firming serum to the freshly cleaned skin with open pores.

The vitamin c collagen serum is composed of small and fine molecules that have a higher penetration ability and can deliver the ingredients effectively.

Why is herbiAR vitamin C collagen serum better than a lotion?

The main difference that is seen between serum collagen vitamin c and lotions or creams is that the best collagen boosting serum is composed of ingredients that have the ability to help skin gain and retain moisture whereas the lotions and creams, because of higher ingredient concentration and a thicker consistency, create a separate barrier layer onto the surface of the skin resulting in locking the moisture inside and preventing it from escaping.

Reasons why you should always apply the best collagen boosting serum

An anti-aging collagen serum is highly recommended to be added to your daily skin care routine by dermatologists due to their benefits which include:

Vitamin c collagen serum is an extremely potent skin care product and produces very effective results. The reason behind this is that creams and lotion although have a high concentration of the solid substance, they have a lower percentage of active ingredients, i.e., between 5% and 10%, whereas, vitamin c collagen serum may have a low concentration of solid particles but has a high percentage of active ingredients, i.e., up to 70%. That is why the serum collagen vitamin c produce effective results quicker.

The best collagen boosting serum does not contain any filler ingredients such as mineral oils or petroleum. That makes it safe for use on sensitive and acne-prone skin as they are no harsh ingredients in the formulation.

The reason behind not adding fillers in the formulation formula is that anti-aging collagen serum is designed to deliver the active ingredients in the product to the outer layer of the skin and any substance that would prove to hinder that purpose will automatically be left out and avoided.

Vitamin c collagen serum is best suitable for oily skins. They get absorbed quickly due to their consistency and are much lighter. This way, they prevent the overproduction of oils and sebum, and your skin does not get oily during the long hours of the day.

The best collagen boosting serum decrease the chances of breakouts of the skin. The water consistency of the product makes it easier and quicker to absorb, leaving behind no residue and thus, lesser chances of skin breakouts.

Vitamin c collagen serum work with the moisturizers and compliment it to smoothen out the skin. It also hydrates the skin to the maximum capacity and works to keep the skin firm and strong.
The serum collagen vitamin c have a highly advanced technology that works to diminish the different signs of aging and skin damage that have developed or are developing such as wrinkles and fine lines.

The best collagen boosting serum is often seen resulting in increasing the skin’s natural radiance and making it look fresh and healthy. Making it a regular practice to apply anti-aging collagen serum of your daily skin care routine results in enhancing of your skin’s appearance dramatically.

How does the best collagen boosting serum work?

The ability of skin to be able to handle stress and bounce back to its original shape is all due to the firmness of the skin. During the younger years of our skin, our skin naturally produces substances that help keep it firm and healthy, but as the years pass our skin tends to lose that ability.

Serum collagen vitamin c are those aqueous formulations that help to restore some, if not all, of those lost abilities to help diminish the signs of aging. Formulated with a variety of different ingredients, vitamin c collagen serum try to give back all the lost nutrients that have worn out over the course of time.

Anti-aging collagen serum is versatile when it comes to the type of ingredients that are added in the formulation. The best collagen boosting serum contain collagen and elastin that are the building proteins of the skin and that help to keep skin tight and firm.

The collagen and elastin get absorbed into the skin and help to give back the skin its strength. The anti-aging collagen serum also contains ingredients such as Aloe Vera that help reduce the sensitivity of the skin that has been caused by the prolonged exposure to the sun.

The vitamin c collagen serum nourishes skin and soothes its hypersensitivities creating a very fresh and relaxed feeling.

The correct application way of anti-aging collagen serum to get effective results quickly.
Keep in mind that you should always apply the vitamin c collagen serum on dry, clean and bare skin. It should be the first thing that you apply after cleaning your face correctly. The reason being that the serum collagen vitamin c works best and gets absorbed more efficiently when it is applied to clear skin, and no product has been applied before it.

Put a layer of anti-aging collagen serum on first and then start putting any other product. Take a moderate amount of product on your fingertips and rub it together. Evenly distribute it onto the face starting from the forehead and working your way towards the nose and cheek area and downwards.

Once you have applied it, wait for a couple of seconds before applying anything else.

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