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Organic Castor Oil - USDA Certified, 100% Pure & Hexane-Free Oil

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Product Description

Organic Castor oil is a potent oil that is considered a natural alternative to treat skin, hair, and eyelashes. Most products that sold in the market as boosters are composed of harsh chemicals, but Organic Castor Oil is an organic and natural oil that has no artificial components incorporated into it.

USDA Organic Castor Oil primarily originates from the beans of the castor plant. Extracted by cold-press technique, all the components of the oil stay safe and impart maximum benefits.

Castor Oil Benefits for Your Skin

High-quality organic castor oil is applied to the skin to replenish all the essential nutrients that the skin has lost over time. The chemicals present in our environment and the products that we use damage skin cells and cause various skin issues, USDA Organic Castor Oil, with its healing agents heal all skin damage and maintain skin health.
USDA Organic Castor oil is considered as a potent house remedy which effectively treats various skin issues and improves skin health.

Castor Oil for Treating Acne and Lightening Acne Scars

USDA Organic Castor Oil as anti-bacterial properties that kill all acne-causing bacteria and expels all toxins that get stuck in the skin pores which also result in acne and pimple formation.

Once the acne is treated, the skin lightening agents in the pure organic castor oil work to replace the dead scar cells of the skin with healthy skin cells which lightens the acne scars and makes skin clean and clear.

Castor Oil for Improved Hair Growth and Health

Castor oil strengthens the natural collagen proteins of the hair which results in treating split ends of hair. The natural proteins strengthen the individual hair strands and reduce hair fall and hair breakage.

The regular application of castor oil on the scalp treats all scalp infections and strengthen hair roots.

USDA Certified Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth

Organic Castor Oil is a pure, organic, cold-pressed castor oil which contains all-natural, hexane-free and organic ingredients to give you the most benefits of eyelash growth. Organic Hexane-Free Castor Oil is that natural ingredient which is being used all around the world for its immense benefits to hair, nails, and skin.

The USDA certifies organic castor oil works as a potent healer and growth enhancer. It boosts the natural growth of eyelashes and makes them long and strong over regular use. Pure Organic Castor Oil increases growth, makes them shiny and stronger looking and reduces the loss of eyelashes.

The Regular Application of Organic Castor Oil

Regular application of organic castor oil gives very potent and effective results. It helps make hair soft, which means less breakage and fall out as brittle hair and eyelashes fall out more.
The pure organic castor oil helps to enhance the natural growth of eyelashes. Organic castor oil returns to the eyelashes, all the strength that it has lost over time due to poor diet or health conditions, stress or harmful environmental conditions.

You will be able to see positive results in a short time of two weeks once you start applying organic castor oil. Organic castor oil nourishes skin, hair, and eyelashes completely.

USDA Organic Castor Oil Applicator Kit

The USDA Organic Castor Oil comes with an efficient applicator kit which makes it extremely easy for you to apply the castor oil.

You can easily apply the organic cold-pressed castor oil from the roots to the tips of your eyelashes. The applicator kit wastes no oil covers the maximum area and ensures maximum absorption.