Exfoliating Face Scrub for Oily Skin

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  • An Anti-aging Exfoliating Face Scrub with Powerful Antioxidants
  • Natural Ingredients to Repair Skin Layers
  • Your Best Option to Exfoliate Skin Gently and Properly
  • Perfect and Compatible for All Skin Types
  • Hypo-allergic and with Ingredients of Highest Quality

Natural Exfoliating Face Scrub Herbiar is a highly advanced formulation that helps to restore the lost radiance and glow of the skin and maintain it. Formed with a revolutionary technique, this multi-crystal exfoliating complex helps to clear of dead, flaky outermost layer of the skin that gives the skin a rough texture and in return gives a soft and smooth skin, giving skin a younger look.

The exfoliating face scrub helps to unclog and minimize pores and diminish them to prevent any outbreaks from the skin and makes it look clear and even toned.

The formulation detoxifies skin of potentially harmful toxins that may have formed by the harmful UV rays or accumulated into the pores with time and helps to hydrate skin and make it healthy.

The versatility of botanical ingredients that serve as actives of this exfoliating scrub helps to reach the desired positive results very quickly. The product not only repairs the damage that has been done, but also has ingredients that work as barriers to more toxins and harmful UV rays, that would cause damage and prove to be harmful for the skin.

Containing a wide range of ingredients from antioxidants that help to remove harmful free radicles to moisturizing agents that give skin back its soft smooth texture, from collagen producers that help rebuild damaged tissues to anti-aging agents that help to remove all visible and non- visible signs of aging, hydrators that help restore and contain the moisture content of the skin to nourishing agents that give back to the skin whatever nutrients it has lost will battling the harsh environmental conditions, this Natural Exfoliating Face Scrub has it all.

The scrub not only cleans the skin deeply and removes all stuck impurities from the clogged pores, it also locks in moisture in the skin to make sure that the skin is hydrated which makes skin look healthy and also slows down the rate of skin aging as dry skin tends to get aged quickly as compared to moisturized skin.

This is why using the product regularly would result in the restoration of the original radiance and health of the skin in no time. Not only does it restore the lost healthy condition of the skin but also aids in maintaining that attained condition to prevent skin from bringing further damaged and unhealthy.

Regular use gives visible results in a short duration of time and your skin would feel clear, soft and beautiful.

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